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About Shelita

Hey there!! I’m Shelita, the visionary of SheWin Unlimited, creator of the signature program Superpower Woman and founder of the Superpower Woman Annual Retreat.  I help Kingdom focused women who are ready to build a SUPERPOWERful life and business, WIN through restored faith, confidence, love, joy, purpose and power. I’m often referred to as Your Soul Impact Strategist (Your S.I.S) because our work together transforms your life and impacts your soul.

Just a few years ago, I appeared to have it all together although secretly I wasn’t happy or satisfied. After a series of events, including the death of my infant son, a cheating spouse and the subsequent dissolution of my first marriage, I was forced to look in the mirror. And quite honestly I did not like what I saw. I realized how much I sacrificed in the name of success and love. It was at that point I made a decision to change the trajectory of my life. I decided to get back to me…the me that God created me to be.

You see, I wasn't living, I was just EXISTING. Hiding behind the mask of guilt, hurt, shame, and defeat I realized that these emotions were the driving force behind EVERY DECISION I made, EVERY RELATIONSHIP I had and EVERY OPPORTUNITY I let pass by.

As I looked in the mirror it was then I decided that NOW was time to stop existing and to start living the life I was destined to have! Choosing to make my life the way God intended meant that I had to have the faith to believe, a heart to forgive and the fortitude to withstand the storms that would come my way. 

I got serious about my relationship with God, I accepted the effects of past decisions, I forgave myself and others and I realized that I am way stronger than I ever gave myself credit for. And then BAM…it hit me, as I was applying these principles in my everyday life l realized that the power of Faith, Forgiveness and Fortitude, when combined, is the Superpower.

And standing on the strength of my newfound Superpower I was able to release those negative feelings that kept me stuck, hidden and obscure. The result…a winning woman who is clear, confident, and has the courage to show up and stand out in every area of my life.

And now I’ve taken what I learned and developed tools and strategies for you to use.   So even if it feels like life is crumbling - together we can map out a strategy for you to come from behind the mask and unveil your true self.

The starting point of your change isn’t what matters...but starting does.

Make TODAY your day to WIN 

About SheWin Unlimited

SheWin Unlimited, a personal development brand, is built on the pillars of faith, forgiveness and fortitude and its sole purpose is to help you Reveal Your Greatness to WIN.

FOUNDATION SCRIPTURE: and what is the immeasurable greatness of his power toward us who believe, according to the working of his great might

MISSION STATEMENT: Standing on the pillars of faith, forgiveness and fortitude our goal is to impact women on a soulful level. We focus on women first because we tend to focus on ourselves last. We succeed when our strategies, tools and resources inspire and motivate you to rediscover, reconnect and recommit to all that God has for you.

VISION: It is our vision for all women to have the clarity, confidence, and courage to reveal their greatness within and pursue all God has for them.

CORE VALUES: Truth, Vulnerability, Integrity, Honesty, Faith, Forgiveness, and Fortitude

CORE MESSAGE: SheWin Unlimited is the only life coaching practice to use the proven Faith, Forgiveness, and Fortitude method to help women over 40— after loss—win through restored faith, confidence, love, joy, purpose, and power.


·  The Faith, Forgiveness, and Fortitude method has helped dozens of women find freedom from the pain of loss in the areas of divorce, loss of a parent, loss of a child, and loss of self.

·  We help women win as we guide them through the transition from powerless to the Superpower Woman.

·  Faith, confidence, love, joy, purpose, and power is our birthright. We only need to find our way back to it.

·  Studies reveal that of all the demographic groups, women in the Generation X category has the biggest decline in seeking help after a loss year after year.

·  We know how the bondage of pain feels. Shelita coaches from a place of empathy and shared experience.