Superpower Woman Annual Retreat

Everyone wants to win. But, winning ain’t easy.

It takes Work. Grit. Commitment.

And sometimes, it’s going to cost you everything you have in your very being to push forward for the win.

If you’re going to win in any season of life, you need three key pillars:

o   Redefining Your Value

o   Relinquishing the Past Pain

o   Removing the Mask of Perfection

Without these tools in your mental and spiritual toolbox, you will continue the cycle of indecisiveness, living inside the imaginery bubble you created, suffocating under the umbrella of complacency.

It’s time to win. It’s time to soar. It’s time to redefine everything that fights to define YOU!

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SheWin Unlimited Presents

Superpower Woman Annual Retreat:

Getting Back to ME

This one-day, intimate experience is for the woman who wants to reveal and strengthen her foundation of faith, forgiveness and fortitude.

An up close and personal deep dive experience into who you are and whose you are, this experience will position you release the toxicity of life and teach you how to stand firm in the midst of the ebbs and flows of life. With a no-holds barred environment, this event is custom designed to be a safe haven where you can purge all the skeletons you’ve swept under the rug. Bring your dirty laundry! It’s time to unload the emotional baggage that’s been weighing you down.

Our expert speakers have been handpicked to focus on your most immediate, intimate needs. Complete with material from our signature program and mastermind, this event has been tailored to suit the needs and desires of those in attendance; therefore, it will not be recorded or live streamed.

If you’re tired of doing life (and business) as usual, this is the jumpstart you need to push yourself to the edge of the cliff and jump into your destiny full-speed ahead.

If you’ve spent the majority of your life suffocating under the shadow of conformity, you don’t want to miss this time with a community of sisters who are positioned to help you soar. You won’t just learn how to cope, heal and handle all that life sends your way. You will leave with an actionable plan to gain authentic freedom for your very soul.

It's Not Enough to Plan...Let's GO!!

#WINNINGPOINTS are on display throughout the entire event!

9:45 a.m. – The Power of FAITH

12:30 p.m. – The Power of FORGIVENESS

2 p.m. – The Power of FORTITUDE

3:00 p.m. - Wrap-up

A lot will be covered but don't will leave with a winning playbook to help you stay in the game long after today's event. 

Personalized Consultants

This day is designed with the total you in mind. The speakers will  nourish your spiritual soul, the caterers will feed your physical soul and our hand-selected vendors will spark your  natural soul with their products and services. Our personalized consultants will be available for you to get your home organized, your finances in order, your credit restored and your outer self reflecting the growth of your inner soul. 

Be prepared to DECIDE & DECLARE!!

You feel stuck. You’re depleted. Many times, you’re empty and you have nothing more to give. It’s time to free your soul. Free your soul and yourself to pursue all that God has for you.

There are things and people that are holding you back from winning. Shake yourself lose! If you want to grow, you have to shed dead weight.

Beware! This event will require you to be honest, vulnerable, transparent and open to the process in order to get from frustrated to free!

Get in the GAME!!

We’ve all worked with women who appear to be highly successful and have it all together. However, behind closed doors, we truly don’t have a clue of who they are in their core. Everyone needs a set of tools to get them from where they are to where they want to be.

Each one of our speakers will share their freedom model, which breaks down how you can achieve maximum freedom through yielding to your true, authentic self. You’ll be able to relinquish control of your past and exhibit the tenacity to thrive in every situation.

Say, “No!” to Life as Usual!

It’s not enough to be inspired. It’s not enough to just be motivated. There has to be more. More depth. More applicability. More practicality.

Prepare to walk through the tailor-made strategies that will integrate actionable, intentional steps based on your experiences.

Meet the Host

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Shelita Winfield understands firsthand the pain of emptiness, feeling like the void will never be filled. She understands the power of holding onto decades of decisions--and the guilt and shame that comes along with the territory. She spent years living behind the mask of perfection and success, yet feeling inadequate, uncertain and fearful deep down inside. Shelita knows what it’s like to be so overwhelmed that you are paralyzed mentally, spiritually and emotionally. She spent too many seasons exhausted from running around in circles on the hamster wheel of life, not doing the things that bring joy to her soul.

But, no more.

When she rediscovered her core, she found the power of purpose and reconnected to who she was created to be all along.


What exactly is this event?

This is a one-day live retreat! That means when you show up, be prepared to leave your personal inhibitions and hang-ups at the door. This is a safe space, so come prepared to be transparent, vulnerable, honest and truthful. The atmosphere will be transformational, impactful and fast-paced. We will split into small groups so you can get specific strategies and feedback on your personal questions. Breakfast and lunch will be served.

What is the cost for the event?

The cost for the retreat is $75 (before 7/31) and $95 thereafter, which is  transferable but non-refundable.

Who is this for?

Any woman who feels like she is suffocating, empty, alone, indecisive, silenced, unworthy, overwhelmed, stuck, frustrated or just plain old exasperated!

What should I do to prepare?

·         Pray

·         Identify your pain points and what needs to be relinquished

·         Write down any questions or situations you need to get clear about

·         Come with an open heart and mind

·         List your desired goals for the day

Will the materials be recorded?

No…and yes. The speaker presentations will be recorded, but participant interactions and group activities will not be recorded. Pictures will be taken throughout the event and, during the wrap-up, participants can record and share their personal wins. Pictures, participant testimonials and speaker presentation videos will be used for marketing and promotional purposes.