UNBOUND: 8 Steps to Free Your Soul Through Forgiveness

You got taking care of family, work and church down to a science. But where are you in the midst of that? That nagging feeling that God is calling you to greater has been getting stronger by the day and you can’t keep ignoring it. Yes, you’ve made some choices and decisions that you aren’t proud of. Yes, you might even consider yourself unworthy of what you think God is calling you to.  You even secretly wonder how and why God would use you. I’ll let you in on a secret. Your feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy are blocking your greater.

Here’s another secret…research won’t make you move. Reading self-help books won’t make you decide differently. Social media group and webinars aren’t going to impact you on a soulful level. Attending conference after conference won’t give you a sense of self-worth.

You see, I know exactly where you are. For more than 20 years I lived at the corner of Guilt Circle and Shame Street. I then had the audacity to take up residence at Frustrated Road and Angry Avenue. All the while realizing that no matter where my physical body moved, my spiritual, emotional and mental state remained at the same location. It wasn’t until I learned to forgive myself and others that I was able to move from the bondage of guilt, hurt, pain and defeat. I had to learn that forgiveness wasn’t a one and done but it’s a lifestyle.

Forgiveness is the key that unlocks your soul and opens your heart and mind to pursue and receive all that God has for you.

I’m sure you are thinking forgiveness?? Yes, forgiveness. Not forgiving (unforgiveness) something or someone (including yourself) just keeps those emotions tied to the offense all locked inside your soul. The result includes a myriad of feelings and reactions including anger, frustration, circular decision making and poor choices just to name a few. Unforgiveness keeps you bound, stuck, stagnant and unable to have the joy you really want in life. Ultimately, unforgiveness sets up shop on the inside and in time becomes a big, black hole that you are desperate to fill.

My forgiveness journey took more than 20 years. But yours doesn’t have to. That’s why I developed UNBOUND: 8 Steps to Free Your Soul Through Forgiveness. UNBOUND is a virtual do-it-yourself course designed to walk you through the same steps I went through to free my soul from the bondage that comes with unforgiveness. It’s self-paced because this journey is personal. But that doesn’t mean you will be alone. There will be opportunities for us to partner together during the journey and you will be in a community of other like-minded women who are on their own forgiveness journey.

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In the virtual course you will get:

·         Weekly content designed to challenge you on a personal and intimate level

·         Weekly workbook content for you to keep written progress of your journey

·         Monthly call to discuss the challenges and wins of this heart work

·         A community of other women who are on their own personal forgiveness journey

Your fast action bonuses include:

·         1 ticket to the 2019 Superpower Woman Annual Retreat

·         A Forgiveness Journal for recording those quiet, intimate times with God along this journey

·         A pre and post 1:1 60 minute coaching session (calls must be scheduled within 90 days of program purchase)

Be prepared to DECIDE & DECLARE!!

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Meet Shelita

Shelita Winfield understands firsthand the pain of emptiness, feeling like the void will never be filled. She understands the power of holding onto decades of decisions--and the guilt and shame that comes along with the territory. She spent years living behind the mask of perfection and success, yet feeling inadequate, uncertain and fearful deep down inside. Shelita knows what it’s like to be so overwhelmed that you are paralyzed mentally, spiritually and emotionally. She spent too many seasons exhausted from running around in circles on the hamster wheel of life, not doing the things that bring joy to her soul.

But, no more.

When she rediscovered her core, she found the power of purpose and reconnected to who she was created to be all along.